How to do Google friendly SEO Audit in 2019

SEO is the most common terms for digital marketer. All the business that want customers/clients from online, at first they focus on their website. After creating a beautiful website they wish to rank top of Google search by their desired keywords. Also, most of the website owners know that ranking a website isn’t so easy. Yes, it’s not easy but you can make it easier by using some technical tools and knowledge. SEO friendly website Audit is the most important task that can push up a website to the top of search results.

When a patient comes to a doctor for healing at first doctor diagnose the problem, then he gives treatments. If the doctor fails to diagnose the actual problem you have, you can can’t expect right treatment from him. SEO audit is the diagnostic center of a website. Your website looks very beautiful, a lot of valuable articles you have written there but you are wondering that there is no organic search traffic there, why?

SEO Audit will answer your question. There are a lot of SEO experts with stunning portfolios announcing that they will rank your website by optimizing on-page, off-page, high-quality backlinks and many more. But things are changing every day bro! Google updates their algorithms often which are known as, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc.

But a digital marketer should have a knowledge gun which can shoot any animal or birds of Google which can penalize your website ranking.

Auditing a website means finding every pros and con of website with the eye of expert SEO knowledge. Starting from the website looking to its internal coding, all the things come up with the audit. So if the website has an issue that causing problems to rank, it’s will bring to light and you can fix that.

Some points of SEO Audit are

-Site command


-Google webmaster tools

-Google analytics

-Robot txt




-Keyword cannibalization

-Cross-linking and siloing

-Duplicate contents etc.

I am discussing some points that most of the SEO Auditor make mistake or don’t know about them.

Accessibility: You have designed your website very beautiful but is it responsive? Does the button work well? Does the important element near to your homepage? Accessibility can answer your questions. Suppose you have a landing page for collecting email leads from the visitor, if the page is far away from your blog page or home page, it’s simple you won’t get organic leads from the page. Or if your company website has a blog and you have linked that with a tiny small button on the right bottom corner of your website, it will remain unseen by your clients. Accessibility audit will identify such like many more things about your website.

Keyword cannibalization: A large number of so-called SEO experts don’t know about this critical hinder of website ranking. If your website has more than one article optimized for a single keyword, its cause Keyword cannibalization because this will confuse search engine which article is more relevant for that keyword.

Duplicate content: Duplicate content issue can happen both inside your website and outside of your site. If you don’t know how to share your blog posts on social media sites, you yourself will raise the duplicate content issue very high.

As a professional internet marketer, I have audited dozens of website. Personal blogs to large company websites or e-commerce websites. If you want to move strongly with your brand new website from the beginning or your website isn’t ranking up after doing some SEO projects, I can help you. Feel free to ask me any questions about your website here