Website marketing tips on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites over the decades. A lot of social media marketers make mistake giving less importance on LinkedIn. They take importance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram more the than LinkedIn. But I would say LinkedIn can give you more clients/customers than Facebook! If you are wondering why? Let’s take a deep look at it.

Limitations of other social media sites: A Few years ago Facebook was widely most used for product/service marketing platform. People can share their products links on Facebook page comments, Facebook group or some other places where the links get a lot of clicks. But in recent time Facebook has limited most of the manual features. If you comment on a page post with a link, in most of the cases Facebook remove that automatically. You can’t share your website links on most of the Facebook groups. The group moderators think Facebook is a property of their Father in law! There are some dumb group rules that you can’t do any kind of marketing on the group. The group owner should know Facebook itself depend on marketing. Facebook isn’t a nonprofit website at all. Also, If you are trying to share your links continuously for marketing, Facebook will kick ash your account.

Twitter has a small tweet box for sharing your things. Also, it was proved most of the twitter account owners like, re-tweet, follow other accounts only for getting follow back on their own accounts.

Instagram doesn’t allow to share links with posts. Also, a lot of account owners uses automatic software for like, comment and follow. So no reason to be proud of with a lot of followers on Instagram.

About LinkedIn: It’s a social media site for professional networking all over the world. Most of the professional has an account on LinkedIn. Some of them are active every day, some of them are often. Statistics say, 95% of LinkedIn account owner login their account at least once within a week.

Benefits of LinkedIn: You can share your website links many ways on LinkedIn. By sharing update on home feed, publishing articles on LinkedIn publishing, group posting also commenting on other LinkedIn posts with links.

Here are some unique tips for marketing on LinkedIn.

1. Grow your connections: It’s the most important matter of LinkedIn marketing. Send invite to other peoples preferably 2nd-degree connections. Don’t hit the ‘connect’ button randomly because LinkedIn has a very strict limitation for sending invites to unknown people. If a lot of people marked your invites as spam, LinkedIn will penalize your account that you can’t send more invitation and LinkedIn doesn’t withdraw the limit in a short time. Also, most of the LinkedIn account owners like to accept invitation with personal messages.

2. Sharing Update: Share your website links on LinkedIn update sharing. A lot of marketers do a mistake just pasting website links there. I suggest to not doing that. Write down 2-3 most interesting/important lines about your post to attract peoples to click on your link Then paste your link under that. Use right #tag about your post. In recent time Linkedin has given more importance on using #tags and its suggest some tags automatically when you share any update.

3. LinkedIn publishing: LinkedIn article publishing is another effective way of website marketing. Here is a critical mistake most of the marketer do when they share blog posts on LinkedIn publishing. They usually copy and paste a large portion of their blog posts on the text area but it’s a great mistake. It causes duplicate content issue for your blog post which is a big hinder for website SEO. You can learn more about duplicate content on my SEO Audit article. My suggestion is to write some sentences about your original blog post then ask people to continue reading on your website. Make sure the sentences are not copy-paste of your original blog post.

4. LinkedIn Group posting: A lot of social media marketer doesn’t feel interested to post on LinkedIn groups. I would say, If you share a link on LinkedIn groups, it will get more clicks then Facebook group sharing.

5. LinkedIn messaging: Especially if you are marketing for a service, LinkedIn Messaging is greatly helpful for that. But don’t send just your website links to your connections. At first write, a polite message about your service/product then share your website link on LinkedIn Messaging

6. Collecting emails: LinkedIn is a great website for collecting emails leads. You can collect all your connections email and most of the emails are their primary emails. It is greatly helpful for email marketing campaigns.

         I have described only the focus points of website marketing on LinkedIn. You can look at my other posts for more internet marketing tips and techniques. Share your thinks in the comment, I like to hear from you.