Tips for Internet marketer beginner to get approved on Upwork

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On my previous post, I was talking about Beginner freelance tips for earning money shortly. On this post I am going to tell you how to get freelance projects, getting hired- even without applying for jobs.

If you are freelance beginner the main challenge for your career is getting a freelance project, get hired by a client to show your expert knowledge, bring out your energetic mind to prove your ability. I am talking about internet marketer beginner because the competitions of internet marketer on freelance marketplaces are bigger than you think. Most of the clients want to hire a marketer who has already a proven job success and experience in the specific filed. They think new freelancers will spend only my time and money- mostly time as they have no proven experience with the services that I am looking for.  But the clients should know – who are experienced today was a beginner yesterday. It is a common thing that an experienced freelancer wage rate is certainly bigger than beginners but clients are shouting only for experience and experience.

Now look at marketplaces: I have already told about marketplaces in my previous post. Here my aim is different so I am saying only about Upwork. Upwork is the best freelance marketplace for individual freelancers. Since last year they have updated a new policy for freelancers. It profiles approval system. After creating and completing your profile you have to submit it Upwork for approval. If they approve your profile than you can apply for jobs and try to get hired, otherwise not. If you are submitting your profile as an internet marketer like as SEO, Social Media, YouTube, Email etc expert. It is the most common thing-  Upwork will kick ass you! Saying their platform is already loaded with internet marketers. You don’t know how much time they will disappoint you. So what can you do? Let’s come to the main point.

If your profile is approved on Upwork than apply perfectly for posted jobs, you will get a contract. I will tell about the art of applying for jobs in another post. If your profile is not approved or tired of applying for jobs on Upwork or but can’t win any projects, my tips for you – Grow your own presence on the internet. Here are some tips for growing your presence on the internet to win a freelance job.

Use LinkedIn: If you are an internet marketer, the best platform for you is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform using all over the world. Here you can connect with a lot of business owners, company managers, entrepreneurs and many more. It is so prospective to get a client from LinkedIn. But don’t disturb your connections in messages by begging jobs like – please hire me for your company, please hire me as your assistance. Never say ‘please’ to be hired. Always keep your personality strong and believer. Write an excellent overview of your LinkedIn profile and grow your connections. If you message anyone to get his job-  it’s enough to say- ‘I can help you to grow your business/company.’

Start Tweeting: Twitter is the best platform where business owners, entrepreneurs are most active. Create a twitter profile and follow your prospective clients, use right hashtags and all other Twitter marketing you know.

Create a website: You can create a simple blog website to write all about you. It helps to attract clients. If you are unable or unwilling to create a website, just create a simple webpage with blogger. It’s totally free and so easy.

Stop spending time on Facebook: If you are willing to be an internet marketer stop spending useless time on Facebook today. By liking, commenting or tagging on the stylish photo of your friend’s girlfriend, never can bring you some money! Facebook has also some scope of own marketing but it is very limited and Facebook will stave off you every time. You can spend that time on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Then finally if you can motivate any client to hire you, ask him to hire on Upwork. If once you get hired on Upwork, Upwork will warmly welcome you instead of kicking your ass. Your profile will be approved and you can apply for posted jobs there. You can do that within 1 month and the social media network you have created for this purpose will work for your lifetime internet marketing career.

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