How to get freelance jobs easily from marketplaces in 2019

The most challenging part of freelancing is getting enough jobs. You may be expert in a field but can’t prove that until you play in the real playground. There are a lot of freelancers around the world competing for a single job. You may not unique from them but you can be different from them. Since 5 years of my freelancing career there were many ups and down time for me. I have interviewed about 250 clients and worked for 27 clients. Today I am telling about some tips to get freelance jobs easily. I am not saying my tips are constant or it you will get you jobs 100%. So if you are already an expert and have hurry you can visit another link that you have found on the Google search. If you are a beginner and have some leisure, you can go through reading my article.

Let’s start!

Creating your profile: Most of the new freelancer does a mistake, copy pasting other profiles bio, never do that. Believe yourself, write your knowledge. Don’t write your profile is bio as a paragraph, write your focus knowledge and experience with points.

When I was a beginner my predecessor was insisting me to add a smiley photo on profile picture so clients can see I have some teeth on my mouth! It’s a dumb matter. I suggest adding a photo with your confident look that means you can do something. Portfolios and ready-ness test are so-called things. Most of the clients don’t look at them. Clients mostly look on cover letters, profile bio and experience.  

Cover letter: It’s same as writing a profile bio. Don’t copy paste cover letters from your big brothers. Write yours and try to answer the questions smartly that clients have asked on their job posting. For Upwork applying, there was a myth that if you can submit proposals earlier, the possibility of getting interview is higher. It’s not true anymore because now a freelancer can submit 30 proposals in a month, so no-one apply for not contiguous jobs. Apply with reasonable hourly rate with your knowledge, experience and project types. If you have no experience and you apply for a social media marketing project with an hourly rate of $15. It’s may not suitable.

Interviewing with clients: Never say ‘please’ to your clients before being hired. Your client won’t marry their daughter with you, he needs works from you. Never say, please hire me, please consider me, I need your job very much types of sentences at the time of interview. No need to be so polite with your clients but prove you are confident to do the job. If your clients ask any questions that you don’t the answer, search on Google about that. Google is the best master for online solutions. Don’t try to reply fast with the wrong answer. Answering late is better than answering wrong. Also, no need to care so much about grammar when interviewing with your clients. Because most of the clients are native English and they don’t care about grammar when chatting with someone. You can use ‘Grammarly’ free browser extension for mistaken free English writing.

As an Internet marketer freelancer, I have some special tips for marketer freelancer. There was a time when clients hire internet marketer mostly for manual social media, SEO, YouTube, Email marketing but the trends are changing day by day. Social media sites like Facebook has limited manual marketing in many ways and now clients mainly focus on paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google etc so it’s better to learn Facebook ad, Google AdWords etc.

Be honest: When you get hired for a project, try your best to make satisfy the client with your work. If you get hired for hourly projects, never spend a single moment of contract hours without working for the client.

Build your network: Don’t spend idle time on Facebook! Liking, commenting on a photo of your friend’s girlfriend never bring you some money. Utilize your leisure time with LinkedIn, Twitter or learning new things. Also if you can make satisfy your clients with your work and honesty, they will give you more work and refer you to their friend’s projects.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment below. Thanks for your time to read my blog. Happy freelancing!