How to use WhiteHatBox’s Following Like 2 software. A step by step guide with image and with best settings

There is some automatic bot software available on the market who can work like as human for growing businesses online. WhiteHatBox’s Following like 2 is one of them. It’s widely used and the most popular automated tool for growing businesses on social media. WhiteHatBox has a lot of automatic software who can do most of the tasks of the internet as a human can do manually. Following Like 2 is the most popular of them and it can do social media promotions automatically by saving your time and money. It can create new posts, like comment, share other posts. You can also do unlike, delete comments or share, follow, unfollow other accounts by filtering with #tags, keywords and many other things. In a word, the software can do all of the things a human can do. In some cases it can do more than human, for an example- You can’t filter un-follow back users on Instagram but the software can do that in a minute and unfollow them or interact with them. The software can work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—- The software is perfect for busy professionals or social media marketers who manage/promote multiple social media accounts.

In this article, I am going to show you how to set up and use the software with the best settings to be safe from social media sites algorithms penalty. Sit back relax and read the article thoroughly, then you can know about the best settings of the software tasks management to work in the fastest speed for growing your social network but safe from social media websites algorithms penalty.


Step 1  

(i)  At frist, you have to install WhiteHatBox app on your computer. For this visit – and you can see an option for downloading the app on the top left corner of the website. Click on the button ant it’s will show a disclaimer about false alarm notification. Don’t worry about at all. The software won’t harm your pc anyway.

(ii) Then run the setup file like as other software and complete setup. After installing click on whitehatbox icon and it’s will ask for your permission. Click on the ‘Yes’ button and the app will open with a window like below- 


(iii) You can see a ‘SEARCH SOFTWARES’ box at the top side of the window. On the search box start typing ‘following like’ and you can see suggested 3 software below.

Make sure you select ‘FollowingLike2’ and it’s the best tools for growing your social media. ‘FollowingLike’ was the previous version of this software and ‘FollowingLikeAccountManager’ has different functionality, you don’t need any of them. Just click on the FollowingLike2 and proceed to download. It’s will open a dialogue box and just click to ‘Continue to download’ Then the following like 2 software will start downloading. Sometimes the software failed to download and you have to retry that. You have to patient with here. If you have a good internet speed the software will download and install automatically within 5 minutes.


Step 2: 

(i) After successfully installing the software click on ‘Run’ Button. The software will open and ask for your purchased serial number. If you have purchased a package of the software, fill out the login form with your info and submit.

(ii) If you haven’t purchased any package visit- and select your suitable package and purchase.

(iii) I am using Instagram 5 accounts for a client for 2 years. The software can work with 5 accounts at a time and growing the account’s followers very fast. In fact, the software can get new followers triple times if you run paid ads on Instagram with the same amount of money that you will use for purchasing the software. As I have access to only the Instagram version of the software, I am going to show only the Instagram functionality with this. But I believe, If you can use Instagram, you can use this for Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts.


Step 3: 

(i) After login, the final FollowingLike2 window will open.

(ii) Click on ‘Accounts Manager’ tab and from the top and select Instagram from the left vertical column of Account Category

(iii) Then click on ‘Add” button from the top left corner.

(iv) A box will open for the category name. Give the name of the category and click on ‘ok’.

(v) Now select ‘Instagram’ and your ‘given category name’ from the left vertical column.

(vi) Click on the single head icon’s ‘Add’ button from the top.

(vii) Input your Instagram username on the ‘Account’ and password on ‘Password’ box. You don’t need to write anything on ‘Proxy’ and ‘UserAgent’ box. Then click on ok.

(viii) You can add more account up to your purchase limit by clicking on the single head icons ‘Add’ button on the same selected category. You don’t need to add category every time.

(viii) Now select any of your accounts and click on ‘Start’ from the top. A new window will open after a few seconds of clicking. It’s the login form of Usually, your username and password will be automatically filling out and log in. If you see it’s taking time, write down your username and password and click on login. Don’t close the login window by yourself, it’s will be closed automatically.

(ix) After a successful login, the software will show your number of posts, followers and following. The account status will be ‘Normal’ on the right side. Now the account is ready for working with the FollowingLike2 software.


Step 4: I am going to show you how to copy other accounts followers with this software.

(i) We were on the ‘Account Manager’ tab before now select ‘Tasks Manager’ from the top.

(ii) Click on the Green

I am working on this article, please check back soon.