Some drastic truth of internet marketing

Internet marketing, Truth of internet marketing

Since 3 years of my freelancing career, I have worked for 25 business/companies and interviewed with almost 200 clients/business owners. I know most of the techniques of manual and paid internet marketing. I can’t certify myself as an expert but I can describe me as an experienced. There is a lot of internet marketing guru all over the world, I am not one of them but still learning new things every day.

As an experienced internet marketer, I am telling some hidden trues of internet marketing which I called drastic true of internet marketing. There are some clients on freelance marketplaces, they think I will hire an internet marketer today, tomorrow he will do a miracle for my business. The quotation looks unpleasant but it is unpleasant true. Also, there are some freelancers who motivate clients to be hired by these types of commitment. I don’t know how they can do that. I say no internet marketing techniques can bring out instant outcome for a business or company.

I am indicating some points to prove my consonance.

SEO: Which is called search engine optimization is the most used way of internet marketing. Most of the business/companies have a website today and when they think about marketing on the internet they focus on website SEO. No SEO strategy can’t take effort overnight. SEO is a long-term process. The first target of SEO is optimizing a website on Google. To rank a website on search giant Google isn’t so easy. They have algorithms which are updating every day. If you try to rank your website whippy, Google will kick your ass and you will discover your website on the last page of Google! Although I don’t know which is the last page of Google. I am just giving an example. The most common way of website SEO is – backlinking with other sites. Here blog commenting is a good way. Most of the blog owners keep comments in moderation. So if you comment only for sharing your website link, the blog owners won’t publish it and your commenting will end in smoke. If you want to make your comments standard, at first you have to read the blog and write a good comment. It takes a good amount of time. Also, most of the blog owners review comments weekly or monthly so you have to wait to see what has happened with your comment. All other SEO techniques like as social bookmarking, forum posting, link wheeling also take a good time to respond. If you want to rank your website on search engines, you have to wear a white cap on your head and be slow and steady.

Social Media Marketing: You can’t think about internet marketing without social media. To get your increase your audience on social media and get responses from target customers you have to post more and more. But if you post 100 updates in a single day, how your audience will response them? So you have to spend your time here interacting with your audience. It also takes a good time to build your audience on social media Sites.

Email: It is another popular way of internet marketing. Here you can use mass mailing with some automated services but till I know most of the mails gather in Promotion or Spam folders of the receiver and most of the users don’t open them. The better way is sending emails greetings with receiver name and plain text, which is also a long-term process.

YouTube: As YouTube is a service of Google so if you try to move fast here, you will be down.

Paid Campaigns: All of the internet marketing fields have paid version. Paid campaigns can reach your business information to your target audiences faster than manual campaigns but getting the audiences as your customers really depend on your product or service quality and interacting with them. Here you must have to calculate your marketing budget and outcome.

The conclusion is: If you do internet marketing for your business/company you can’t do that overnight. You have to wait some days to get the outcome. You may get outcome within 1 week or 1 month that depends on your business category. The best way is to keep someone working with that. If you can execute an effective marketing plan and working with that, you can’t think about where your business will reach one day!

Don’t mind to share your opinion in the comments.