Beginner freelance tips for earning money shortly

Nowadays freelancing has become a popular filed for earning money. The educated young generation who are unemployed because of insufficient local job mostly prefers freelancing. If you are a student or completed your study and looking for a good job or in a financial crisis you can be employed with freelancing. Most of the populous developing countries have job deficiency. After completing study in a great filed from a reputed university you may be a certified unemployed! It’s not astonishing in developing countries like –Bangladesh.

Most of the people who start freelancing prefer the internet marketing field. As they hear – it is possible to earn money shortly from internet marketing. It’s may true in some cases such as- you can learn marketing more easily than other fields like as – web development or app development. As it is easy to learn internet marketing in short time, there is a huge competition of freelancers in this field. If you are a beginner dreaming to earn money shortly from internet marketing, look on another side, there are a lot of people dreaming like you. There is a lot of internet marketer competitions on the freelance marketplaces like as Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr. You have to compete with freelancers all over the world. So you have to be different from others. Now I am saying about some tips to be a successful internet marketer.

Learn first:  Freelance isn’t like gaming- if you won, you will get money. It’s a really competitive field where you can earn some legal money by your hard work and time. At first, you have to learn internet marketing. You can learn from an expert freelancer or from a freelance training institute.

Choose a marketplace:  Than you have to choose a marketplace. There is a lot of freelance marketplace throughout the world but few are on the top. Since 3 years of my freelancing carrier, I have signed up on most of the popular platforms of freelancing. All of them has different merits and demerits. But finally, I have stopped by on Upwork. Freelancer or Fiverr, people per hour are also good but Upwork is the best to me. Clients on Upwork is more reliable and their payment system is excellent although their service charge is higher than other platforms. But Upwork never asks for money from your pocket, they will charge their service charge from your earning.

Target a field: When you will join a marketplace, choose a specific niche of marketing before applying for projects because there is a limit of applications and some other issues with this. You can’t apply randomly for jobs. You can choose an specific marketing filed, like as SEO, Social Media, Email, YouTube, Affiliate etc. SEO is the most common words for new internet freelancers. There are a lot of freelancers after learning the abbreviation of SEO is search engine optimization, they start applying for jobs saying – they are expert in SEO! The game is not so easy, there a lot of SEO bosses who have already applied for the job that you are applying. When targeting a marketing field at first try to find out where you are most skilled at, you needn’t or can’t be to an expert at the beginning.

Start applying for projects: Start applying for posted jobs. Here is a conflicting issue with targeting a specific marketing field. Because most of the marketing jobs are posted asking all around marketing. Here you have technical- You can say, I will develop your Business or website. Then If you can win the project, focus on the marketing part that you are most skilled at than learn other parts shortly. You can learn that easily with your progressive mind than. There is a hidden truth about internet marketing freelancing- It is hard to get job and keeping contract than doing marketing.

Thanks for reading my post. Never mind making your comment. I will discuss in another post how to get a job easily even without applying for jobs.